The Incredible Hulk (2008) – Timeline

When does The Incredible Hulk take place?

The MCU timeline is messy. It is made messier by director comments, promotional materials, deleted scenes and comic book tie ins. Let’s throw all that out and look at the films. Here is our timeline for The Incredible Hulk.

The main date comes from an email, where we can clearly see 12th June 2008 as the date. The climactic fight occurs on the next day, which also happens to be the film’s US release date.

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1858 – it is celebrating 150 years in 2008.
WWII – Ross tells Blonsky about the program
June 1969 – Blonsky says he’s 39
Dec 1969 – DOB listed on Banner’s Culver University ID
June 2003 – counting back from Banner being on the run for five years.
2004-2007 – events seen in the opening montage, on documents, etc
Nov 2007 – counting back 158 days from the start of the film, when Banner last had an incident.
2008 – the key date in the film is Banner’s email to Sterns, which is dated 12th June 2008. All other dates come from Banner’s incident counter. The Rio attack is day 190. He gets to Culver 17 days later, and we see events play out the following days. 31 days after Harlem, Bruce is in British Columbia.

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