Iron Man 2 (2010) Timeline

When does Iron Man 2 take place? We are looking at all the MCU films for clues of when they are set. Then hopefully we can piece it all together. Here’s our work for Iron Man 2.


We are looking ONLY a the films. No comic book tie ins, promotional materials, director comments or anything else. Only the films are canon.

15th February 1943 – Birthdate seen in Tony’s files.
15th February 1961 – Birthdate seen in Tony’s files.
October 1963 – Newspaper date seen in Tony’s files.
1967 – Date mentioned in Tony’s files.
15th September 1973 – Date on the clapper board.
1974 – Referred to by Tony.
1980s – Conjecture – we assume Vanko was in his 20s by the look of his photo.
2000 – Pepper says she has been curating for 10 years in 2010.
October 2009 – 6 months before the Expo begins.
20th April 2010 – Counting back from 6th May, this is day 365 of the expo.
21st April 2010 – day after the Expo launch.
23rd April 2010 – day 362 of the Expo on a monitor.
4th May 2010 – one week before the big fight at the Expo, according to Tony.
5th May 2010 – day after meeting Natasha
6th May 2010 – day after Monaco
7th May 2010 – the next day. His party, if not his actual birthday.
8th May 2010 – the day after the party
11th May 2010 – day before the big fight according to Pepper
12th May 2010 – day 343 on the screen
May 2010 – closely after, but no exact date.

This all breaks because Justin Hammer alludes that it has been six months since Stark has created Iron Man. This seems unlikely but as we got through the phases we will see how we can make this work.

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