Iron Man 3 (2013) – Complete Annotations


Killian arrives and tells Tony more about his plans.

Tony refers to Trevor as Sir Laurence Olivier, an actor in films such as Hamlet, Rebecca and more.

His Lear was the toast of Croydon. What a wonderful line, referring to William Shakespeare‘s King Lear.

Croydon is an English town.

Killian refers to a dude with a hammer – Thor, of course.

He has captured Pepper and submitting her to Extremis. He also has awesome that 3D hologram technology.

After threatening to kill herself to stop Killian, Killian kills Maya.

There was more to her death scene that was cut.

Killian leaves Tony, and meets up with Savin, who has been trying to get into the Iron Patriot armour.

He tries to heat it up with his Extremis-ness.

Killian also mentions a Chinook, which is the massive military helicopter.


Tony is with two captors. They are played by Mike Massa and Mark Kubr (Ponytail Express). Both men are stuntmen.

Kubr is a stuntman for many Marvel films, and appeared on screen in Iron Man 2 (2010) as a prisoner who was killed to help Whiplash escape.

Not sure if Ponytail Express is a specific reference. Perhaps a play on the film Pineapple Express.

Google says it’s 881.3 miles from Tennessee to Miami. But who knows where Ponytail Express is counting from.

Rhodey breaks out of the Iron Patriot suit and starts fighting Savin and Killian, who take him down.

Parts of the Iron Man armour appears and Stark starts to fight his way through the mansion.

He shoots a couple of them. Do we assume they die?

One AIM agent just drops his guns and tells Tony the people there are so weird. He’s Eric Oram, the fight choreographer for this film, and has worked with Robert Downey Jr on many of his fights in many films, including the Marvel ones.

Together with Rhodey, they return to Trevor.

Stark calls Trevor Meryl Streep, the multiple Academy Award winning actress.


Stark then calls him Ringo, the drummer from the Beatles.

They then head off in a speedboat. Not quite sure where they are. It is probably still Miami story-wise, and somewhere in North Carolina location wise.

Stark calls the VP. His house location is also unknown.

The secret service agent is Wesley Thompson.

The Veep’s daughter is played by Jenna Ortega.

Then we’re with the president and Air Force One. This scene was filmed at Wilmington International Airport.

It does seem like a massive security protocol gap that no one checks who is wearing the armour with the guns on it before boarding the President’s plane.

There was an extra gag here that was deleted.

Iron Patriot (actually Savin) attacks!

Kills several dudes and gets to the President.

The base soldier that works out that Air Force One has been compromised is Corey Hawkins. He would go on to massive roles thanks to a star turn in Straight Outta Compton and the 24: Legacy series.

His commander played by Linden Ashby.

Iron Man arrives and battles Savin, who blows stuff up. Iron Man kills Savin.


Then this amazing sequence, of Iron Man rescuing people who have fallen out of a plane. It was done using skydivers who had to do many takes to get the shots needed.

Sarah Farooqui plays Heather.

The skydiving took place above Oak Island, North Carolina.

Turns out Stark wasn’t in the suit at all. Which begs the question of why he’s in the suit in the films to follow.

We then see construction crew at Stark’s home. Something comes out of the ground.

Killian talks to the captured Pepper.

Turns out President Ellis was in the Iron Patriot armour.

And we see we are at some docks. It’s the Port of Wilmington.

Killian explains his plan like all good villains do. It involves the Roxxon Norco, a boat that suffered an oil spill, but the company saw no consequences. This is possibly an allusion to the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Roxxon is an evil corporation in the comics.

Stark and Rhodes arrive at the docks.

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