The Incredible Hulk (2008) – Complete Annotations


At the Med-Sci building, we see the faculty names, including Elizabeth ‘BettyRoss.

Scott Peterson is a comic book writer, and wrote a comic book adaptation of The Avengers. None of the other names appear to have any significance.

And we see Betty. Banner freakily stalks her from a distance. But then she is greeted by a new boyfriend, who we will meet later.

Stanley’s Pizza. It’s now a Thai place, and it was on 57 King St, Dundas, Hamilton.

And here’s Stanley. He’s played by Paul Soles. Soles was the voice of Banner in The Incredible Hulk cartoon in the 60s.

Many have speculated that Stanley’s name is another nod to Stan Lee. It seems likely, as his last name is Lieber, which is Stan Lee’s real last name.

Banner and Lieber talk about Betty Ross, and her head shrink boyfriend.

Banner delivers pizzas. He’s back in University College.

In the film, what’s left is a scam, but there was a deleted scene where he delvered pizzas as his job.

The security guard. It’s Lou Ferrigno!

Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

louferrignoHe’s the original Hulk in the TV series. He was a champion bodybuilder before he took to acting. More than just this cameo, Ferrigno provides the voice of the Hulk. His voice would also be used for The Hulk in The Avengers and Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

This location is another college on the grounds of University of TorontoKnox College.

Then this lab. We saw it earlier in the flashback. We see some of the footage again.

The score here is called The Lab.

We see a glimpse of a student, holding a pizza, played by Martin Starr.

There is some speculation about this role. In the novelisation of this film, he is revealed to be Amadeus Cho, another Hulk supporting character, one of the smartest kids in the world. However, Starr has been cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, in an unknown role. If his character is connected, it would mean this student can be anyone.

Starr is best known for his memorable TV work in Freaks And Geeks and Silicon Valley.

Banner knows Betty Ross’ password.

The screen pops up with Norton Anti Virus, a popular program (at the time). A possible play on our lead’s surname.

He’s back to chatting with Mr Blue. Every computer seems to have this Encryptochat program.

There’s an extended version of this scene.


Back at Stanley’s Pizza, we finally get a good look at the boyfriend. It’s Doctor Leonard Samson, played by Ty Burrell.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.40.39 PM
Ty Burrell (right) as Doc Samson in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Docsamson1st In the comics, Leonard ‘Doc’ Samson is a major character, especially for the Hulk. He is a psychiatrist as well, but has the power of super strength, and alludes to the biblical character of Samson.

He first appeared in The Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #141 in July 1941 and was created by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe.

In this film, Samson is just a psychiatrist with no powers, although his relationship with Banner was developed, but cut from the final film.

b76428118f0c590ded99798402da5fd1Burrell at this point was still a year away from starring in the long running sitcom Modern Family. He had minor roles in films like Black Hawk Down and the Dawn Of the Dead.

There was a small lead up to this scene that was deleted.

There’s a big Coca-Cola dispenser on the counter.

The music we hear as they chat, and Betty sees Banner, is called Reunion.

She finds him, crossing the Cherry Street Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge in Toronto, near the harbour, in the rain. [link]

They drive away in her Volkswagen GTI.

Back at Betty’s. Location unknown.

There was a lot cut from the house scenes, including a lot more of Leonard Samson.

She has a USB. Love USBs in films.

There was a longer version of this conversation.

Note that again, in front of Betty, Banner calls him the General, not her father, preserving the twist.

More deleted scenes.

Then General Ross, at some secure facility. He unearths equipment from the Super Soldier program.

The label says a lot. In the comics, Weapon Plus was a secret government program that experimented on humans (and mutants). It was a clever retcon, linking the creation of Captain America to Wolverine, and a whole lot of people in between.

In the comics, Dr Reinstein is one of several aliases used by Abraham Erskine. He was the scientist who created the Super Soldier serum, and will appear in Captain America: The First Avenger.


Back at Betty Ross’ house, Banner decides to leave.

Then a medical facility, where Emil will get his shots.

The doctor saying it will hurt is played by David Collins.

The next day, Banner prepares to leave. He says goodbye to Betty at Culver.

Then Banner spots soldiers. The music we hear is called They’re Here.

There was an extended version of their conversation.

They come in screaming.

Blonsky chases through Banner through a big park. It’s nowhere in the University, but it’s Morningside Park in Scarborough, Toronto.

Banner runs through the ornate Knox College again.

Into a library. Then he eats a massive USB. You know you can crack open that case, right?



A bit of a reveal for someone.

Great glass windows and great set at Knox College for a showdown.

He lets out a big scream. And tears the army a new one.

He smashes up a couple of Humvees.

Two students grab footage. Both are Hulk supporting characters in other media.

Student with the phone is Jack McGee, played by Nicolas Rose. McGee was a reporter in The Incredible Hulk TV series, and a major character.

The other student is Jim Wilson, played by PJ Kerr. In the comics, he is the nephew of Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. He was a supporting character for the Hulk, and died in a very memorable issue of AIDS.

The music here is called Give Him Everything You’ve Got.

Blonsky decides to attack directly. He’s been imbued with some Super Soldier power.

And then the sonic cannons. They come from Stark Industries.


Hulk destroys the sonic cannons and Blonsky faces him alone. The Hulk kicks him and hurts him badly.

Samson appears.

Betty confronts the Hulk, as the helicopter attacks. Hulk takes down the copter and protects Betty at the same time.

There’s really no way the pilots in the helicopter survive that is there? Not sure if any other soldiers were killed.

Explosions and rain. And the Hulk takes Betty with him.

The music we hear is called Saved From The Flames.

At Betty’s house, the military takes boxes of documents. Samson chats with Thunderbolt Ross. Turns out Samson was the one who tipped off the army.

Hulk brings Betty to some caves. Location unknown, and could be a set considering the rain.

Hulk_-_Gray_v1_001_cover This cave sequence is a direct nod to a scene in the comic book mini series Hulk: Gray, a six issue mini series by Jeph Loeb (who would go on to be a big part of Marvel Television) and Tim Sale, first published in 2003.


The music we hear is called Grotto.

Betty tries to communicate with the Hulk.

Ross visits Blonksy in hospital. No location details either.

He’s suffered a lot of damage, but seems to be getting better, right?

Betty checks herself and Banner into a hotel.

Banner sits on a kerb with a Coca-Cola machine behind him.

The music we hear is called Arrival at the Motel.

Banner recovers from his transformation. He pulls out the USB.

Betty’s gone shopping. She’s bought purple pants, a bit of a fixture for the Hulk in the comics.

Then a news report from WHIH World News. It’s fake, but Marvel actually set up a real YouTube account for it.

The reporter is played by Jee Yun-Lee.


We get a better shot of the motel, but we can’t find any records of the location. Five Mile Fork is in Virginia, so this is likely a stock shot.

Betty is cutting Banner’s hair. Then they kiss. Then Banner’s heart rate goes up, and he has to stop.

There was more to their time at the motel that was cut.

The music we hear is called I Can’t.

Sparr tells Ross there’s news to do with Blonsky. He’s recovered.

There’s a slightly different version of this scene.

Betty and Banner make a plan. They’re going to sell a necklace owned by Betty’s mother. The scene where they sell it was cut.

Ross and Sparr mobilise the military to look for them. Military set unknown, likely a set.

Bety and Banner are at a petrol station, location unknown.

They pay off a guy to use his computer for some more USB action.

He sends an email to Mr Blue, who works at the fictional Grayburn College.

The email seems to go straight into a SHIELD logo.

To a Dr Samuel Sterns, who we will meet.

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  1. And THAT’s the thing about cheesy pizza!

    You get down and dirty, then you seize the meats-a!

  2. My reading of that final moment isn’t that Banner “hulks out for no kind of reason,” but rather that he has managed to tap into Hulk power without having to hulk out completely. He’s meditating, he gets the green eyes, he smiles. In other words, after the attempted cure there has in fact been some sort of progress.

    1. I was being flippant and it would actually be a pretty nice ending if the Ruffalo Hulk didn’t just pick up as if this film barely happened as well. It’s not like that amount of control paid off.

      1. I dunno. I feel like it pays off very nicely in The Avengers, with “that’s my secret, Captain: I’m always angry.” He gains control in Norton’s last scene, and except for times when he’s injured/ attacked/ whammied by the Mind Gem, he shows every sign of still having it when Ruffalo takes over as Banner.

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