Ant-Man (2015) – Complete Annotations


The lab is a set.

In Cross’s reveal, he mentions ‘Tales To Astonish’. Ant-Man (Hank version) first appeared in the Marvel comic Tales To Astonish. #27 to be exact.

A deleted scene here had Cross explain the benefits of the shrinking technology. It also provides a better shot at a potential buyer with a Ten Rings tattoo, tying back to the Iron Man films.

Cross then reveals the Yellowjacket armour.

Yellowjacket in the comics has a very different history. It was one of many identities taken by Hank Pym over the years. He was initially a hero, but Pym suffered a mental breakdown, and Yellowjacket turned on his fellow Avengers, in one of the darker chapters of their history. This film ties Cross to Yellowjacket in a new way. A yellowjacket is an American wasp.

It’s worth noting that shrinking also works quite differently in the comics. In the MCU, it’s all tied to a suit, whereas in the comics it has to do with serums, and is then part of that person’s abilities. So the Yellowjacket armour is very different to the Yellowjacket outfit in the comics, both in function and in look.

Yellowjacket debuted in Avengers #59 (December 1968).

Frank played by Joe Chrest.


Then a party. House location is 840 Clemont Dr NE, Atlanta.

The music is Hot Poppin Popcorn by The Wiggles.

First person to greet Scott is his daughter, Cassie. She’s played by Abby Ryder Forsten.

Abby Ryder Forsten as Cassie in Ant-Man (2015)

Cassie exists in the comics, as Scott Lang’s daughter and a major part of his life. As you can imagine, her life has been threatened many times. She went on to be a hero in her own right, many years later, in the comics.

She first appeared in Marvel Premiere #47 (April 1979), where Darren Cross first appeared and Scott Lang debuted as Ant-Man.

Then Paxton. He’s played by Bobby Cannavale.

Bobby Cannavale as Jim Paxton in Ant-Man (2015)

Paxton was created for the film. Although in the comics, Scott’s ex wife had a new, distrusting husband, with a different name.

Cannavale has been brilliant in lots of things – Station Agent, Blue Jasmine, Boardwalk Empire, Master Of None and so much more.

Patrick Wilson was originally cast in the role but was unable ultimately when the film production moved.

Rudd and Reed could not agree on what the toy should be. Reed won out.

Then Maggie, played by Judy Greer.

Judy Greer as Maggie in Ant-Man (2015)

Maggie is also a creation for the film. In the comics, Cassie’s mother is a woman named Peggy.

Greer is also wonderful in so many things, from Arrested Development, Adaptation and lots more. In the same year as this, she starred in Jurassic World.

There was an extra scene here featuring Scott and Cassie together.

Maggie and Scott talk outside, and Scott drives off. His horn plays the popular tune La Cucaracha.

Back at Pym Technologies. Cross kills Frank.

There were scenes filmed and cut where Cross tasted the remains of Frank. It was strawberry jam.

Eating with Cross and Hope. It’s St Cecilia. 3455 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta.

There was more for this scene, and it was to be an introduction to these two characters.


Scott in his van. He’s parked outside Young Ellis Food Center. 398 Ellis St, Tenderloin, San Francisco. Milgrom Hotel is around the corner.

Back in Luis’ apartment, we get the first of these wonderful Luis stories.

The music is Escape by Roy Ayers.

Cousin Ernesto, played by Nicholas Barrera.

Emily, played by Lyndsi LaRose. Carlos, played by Carlos Aviles.

No location details for most of this. We assume it is mainly Atlanta somewhere. We guess?

The baseball field is Fayette County Kiwanis Park. 936 Redwine Rd, Fayetteville, Georgia.

Onto the next montage – planning. The music is now I’m Ready by The Commodores.

The Locksmith. Now gone, it was 68 Broad St NW, Atlanta.

Couple of unknown locations – the garage, the uniforms drop off alley, the car park. We assume the garage is a set. Several scenes in the apartment too.

There was long deleted scene featuring Scott posing as a cable repairman, visiting Pym at his house. Pym is playing a much less able bodied man, and the two size eachother up. This was supposed to be the first scene with older Pym, suggesting previous scenes would have also moved around.

Then at Hank Pym’s house. 601 Buena Vista Avenue West, San Francisco.

Scott breaks in. Then somehow manages to make a fingerprint. According to Rudd, all the science in this scene makes sense, except the bolts would probably rip through the curtain.

The second safe says it was made in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s Peyton Reed’s hometown.


Kurt says Scott is “In like Flynn”. A reference to Errol Flynn, best known for playing Robin Hood. He was quite a ladies man.

Then some jokes about the film Titanic.

Lang breaks in. And we see the suit.

We also see our first ant. The ants were specially designed to be slightly less… monstrous.

Then we see Hank looking on. He’s in his secret lab – which is of course a set.

Back at Pym Technologies. This scene with the lamb.

Note that the serum Cross uses is yellow.

Scott puts on the suit. It looks so cool.

Ant-Man (2015)

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