Ant-Man (2015) – Complete Annotations


Then he shrinks! Pretty great effect as Scott escapes the water, and then ultimately downstairs to a party. Special cameras were used to film the bath and other real places throughout the film to make them look massive. The water is CGI.

Lang ends up on top of a car. In the car is a cab driver, played by Garrett Morris. Morris played Ant-Man in a 1979 Saturday Night Live sketch, and was asked to cameo.

Lang returns the suit but is caught by cops. There was more to this scene that was ultimately cut, involving Scott enjoying using the suit before returning it.

In the prison is Paxton, who turns out to be a cop. We assume this is a set.

The fellow cop, named Gale, is played by Wood Harris. He was great in The Wire, and films like Dredd.


Then at Maggie and Paxton’s. A quick scene with Maggie and Cassie.

Back in prison. Lang is delivered the suit.

10 seconds seems like a very short amount of time to put on that suit.

Police cars rush into the street. Location unknown.

 Then onto an iconic San Francisco street car. The backgrounds in this scene are definitely San Francisco.

A deleted follow up scene features Paxton making plans to track down Scott, and discussing his escape.

Scott wakes up to Hope watching him.

She mentions the ants Paraponera Clavata. The bullet ant. We will meet more ants soon. The Schmidt pain index is a rating of how the pain of an insect sting. A Paraponera Clavata is 4+, the highest there is.


The company that Scott robbed was Vista Corp, which doesn’t seem to be a reference to anything.

 Then the ants, and the ability to speak to them. An ability that the original Ant-Man had in the comics, with the help of a cybernetic helmet.

Hank tells his history. This is very different from the comics. He mucks about with serum as he talks – red and blue.

A quick scene at Maggie’s. Because we later see the entire wall go, we can only assume this is a set.


At Pym Tech, Cross has a breakthrough.

Lang suggests calling the Avengers. It is nice that they address this, as it seems in a world with the Avengers, why not call them in every film?

 Pym mentions the Avengers dropping cities. Referring to the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015).

 More mythology building, when Pym says he has worn the suit too many times. There is some precedent on this in the comics – there have been occasional limits on how long he can remain non-human sized. Not to mention Pym having lots of mental problems.

On Pym’s monitors, we see Carson, holding a machine gun, looking like he’s in a war. We don’t get much history on Carson. We assume this was part of the deleted Panama subplot.

Then a training montage.


Hope talks about how Lang’s strength increases. This is the same in the comics.

The regulator. The quantum realm. Both will pay off later in the film.

The ants. The first one is Paratrechina longicornis. Crazy ants.

Bullet ants again.

Camponotus pennsylvanicus. The carpenter ant.

The disc weapons. New for the film, not from the comics. Red and blue.

Solenopsis Mandibularis. The fire ant.

Hope shows how good she is commanding ants. Bodes well for the sequel.


Scott and Hope have their scene in the car. There was an extended version of this scene.

Back inside, Pym reveals the fate of Janet van Dyne, the Wasp. We see a flashback to her final adventure. She is played by Hayley Lovitt. Although it’s clear the filmmakers intended the character to remain faceless for now.

The Wasp in Ant-Man (2015)

In the comics, the Wasp is another long serving Avenger. Her shrinking powers were tied to Hank Pym, her husband, and she would rise the ranks to became leader of the Avengers.

She first appeared in Tales To Astonish #44 (June 1963). She was created by Stan Lee, Ernest Hart, Jack Kirby.

There was a time when this could have been a speaking role. Both Rashida Jones and Emma Stone were considered.

Before that though, Janet was apparently only a mention in the Edgar Wright version of the film.

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