Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) – Complete Annotations


Cap then visits a Veteran’s affairs meeting. It’s being held in the basement of the Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 W 14th St, Cleveland.

Cap chats to Sam.

Then we see a skyline view of DC. Then we cut to Fury driving. He’s not in DC.

He’s driving a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe.

 He calls Maria Hill from his car. We will see more of her later.


 He is ambushed!

It’s the corner of Rockwell and East 6th Street, Cleveland.

Fury kills a lot of cops. God, this is cool.


Fury is chased down Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. This is also where the big battle in The Avengers (2012) was filmed.

Then on Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Fury sees The Winter Soldier.

Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier in Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014)

Let’s talk Winter Soldier, played, of course, by Sebastian Stan.

The Winter Soldier is James Buchanan Barnes, aka Bucky, Cap’s trusty sidekick in the comics. For many decades, Bucky was considered the only superhero that remained dead, due to the campy nature of sidekicks from the 40s. In the MCU and the first Captain America film, Bucky was at least aged to be Rogers’ best friend and a formidable soldier.

The Winter Soldier was introduced in Captain America #1, a rebooted numbering from January 2005, written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve Epting. Both men should take the credit for the character, if that mysterious foe did not turn out to be a 60 odd year old comic book character. The comic book version’s overriding arc – a brainwashed assassin t be redeemed – matches the MCU version. As well as that bionic arm.

The Winter Soldier name itself is an odd one, especially for non American audiences. It is an allusion to Thomas Paine’s term in 1776 of the Sunshine Patriot. A Winter Soldier, the opposite, is someone who fights for what is right in harsh times, or when it’s not easy to do. It was first popularly used in the investigations by the US against their own soldiers for War Crimes during the Vietnam war. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

This is Stan’s 2nd appearance in the MCU. We last saw him in Captain America The First Avenger (2011). Stan told Collider:

That was always the plan, you know? I mean, even in the first one, for me, I feel like sort of knowing ahead where it was potentially going to go, I was always trying to, even back then, see what I can possibly layer in to…sort of, that one day if someone does look at this movie and then kind of goes back and looks at that, they can sort of maybe spot something and then just go, “Oh, I see that that guy had potential to…”

Fury manages to get away.

We see Cap arrive at his apartment. We’re in DC again – 1614 20th Street NW.

In his flat, he bumps into, unbeknownst to him, Sharon Carter. She’s played by Emily VanCamp.

Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter in Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014)

In the comics she is also known as Agent 13, and is also the niece of Peggy Carter, and a formidable SHIELD agent. She was also a romantic interest for Cap.

She first appeared in Tales Of Suspense #75 (March 1966), created by Dick Ayers, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

VanCamp starred in the TV series Revenge and Brothers & Sisters. She won the role over a slew of other actresses, including Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, Imogen Poots, Teresa Palmer, Alison Brie, Emilia Clarke, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Elizabeth Olsen (who got another role with Marvel) and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Music in Cap’s apartment is It’s Been A Long, Long Time, written by Sammy Kahn and Jules Styne. Performed here by Harry James and His Orchestra, from a 1945 recording.


Cap finds Fury, but they’re shortly attacked.

Fury gives Cap the USB.

Sharon Carter reveals herself as Cap chases the Winter Soldier.

Cap has a brief encounter, but Winter Soldier escapes, leaving Cap standing on 1536 Connecticut Avenue NW, looking North.

Black Widow arrives at the hospital.

Fury is announced dead. OR IS HE?


Rumlow takes Cap back to SHIELD for questioning.

Turns out Cap has hidden the USB in the vending machine. How does someone do that?

Pierce meets Cap. He met with Sharon Carter just previously. Pierce gives out some fake news about Fury. He was ahead of his time.


Cap leaves Pierce. He catches a lift. This is a great scene – one of the most iconic in the MCU.

Lots of men get into the lift – including Rumlow and Rollins.

And they fight.

There’s this strange ad that makes use of the fight.

Watching the fight is Sitwell.

Cap escapes and gets his bike. To take on a Quinjet.

The battle takes place on Lorain Road, the Bridge that crosses Rocky River, Cleveland.


Sitwell barks orders. He loves acronyms, like Department of Transport. He also mentions BWI (Baltimore Washington International), IAD (Dulles International) and the airport named after Ronald Reagan. They are indeed the three airports near Washington DC.

A small deleted scene here bridges Cap getting away.

Cap returns to the hospital. The USB is gone.

Lots of good product placement for the other candy.

Black Widow does some good exposition.

Pierce argues with the council.

Cap And Black Widow head to the mall. It’s Tower City Center, 230 West Huron Road.

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