Guardians Of the Galaxy (2014) – Complete Annotations


Outside, the gang argue about what to do with the Stone.

Then Kree ships arrive. We will later learn they are called Necrocraft.

Drax called them. The ships look great and are an original design for the film.

Yondu and the Ravagers are also there.

Ronan, Nebula and the Kree show themselves.

Gamora grabs a ship. As does Rocket and Chris Pratt.

Drax fights Ronan. Compared to the comics, Drax here is very much powered down.

Nebula chases and tries to shoot down Gamora.

Nice hero shot of Rocket smashing through a Kree ship.

Gamora heads out into space.

Nebula refers to Gamora as the sibling she hated the least. Who are Nebula and Gamora’s siblings? This is a mystery – as in the comics, these two are not really related. Neither character has any siblings in the comics canon either. Throwaway line, or a hint of something bigger?


Gamora is shot down and floats in space. Nebula grabs the Orb.

Drax is defeated.

Now, this scene where Quill saves Gamora. Rocket mentions her body ‘mods’ will in some way keep her alive. Quill then heads out and saves her and gives her his mask.

We can’t help it, but the logic of this scene busts our minds, and at the very least takes us out of the film. OK – so we don’t know how the atmosphere around Knowhere works. But it is thin enough to have no gravity, and for them to freeze. It is just weird.

Groot saves Drax.


Groot wants to save Quill and Gamora from the Ravagers.

Ronan communicates with Thanos, telling him he has the Orb. Then he takes the Orb for himself.

Yondu beats up Quill in front of the Ravagers. He then lets Quill go.


Then the group sit around and discuss the plan. It’s a whole lot of exposition. And it’s done pretty well.

After they all stand up, the music changes. It’s Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. It was first released on their debut album The Runaways in 1976, and their most famous song. It was an underground hit on release and did not chart.

Over the song, they lay out their plan and get dressed. It’s all a bit convoluted.


We see Rhomann Dey, watering his plants.

The one eyed Ravager is played by Bruce Mackinnon.

Then the hero slow motion walk.

Guardians Of the Galaxy (2014)

Yondu has a bunch of cat figurines. They don’t appear to be based on anything specific.

And everyone goes to Xandar.

The Nova Corps rally. We see the helmets of some of the corps, which resembles the classic Nova helmet to some degree.

John C Reilly is just fantastic.

The Ravagers attack the Kree. The Kree fight back.


Yondu is taken out of the fight. And the Nova Corps arrive.

The ship designs, when fully unfolded, match the Nova Corps logo, both from the comics and the film (and looks great). It’s worth noting that in the comics, the Nova Corps don’t have ships.

When the Kree ship starts to land, the Nova Corps make a big sacrifice.

The Guardians enter the Kree ship.

Groot creates tiny bursts of light. This power is new for the film, and not one he shares with the comic.

Nebula intercepts the Guardians.

We see Yondu on the field, surrounded by soldiers. These creatures are Sakaarans from the planet Sakaar. Sakaar is the planet from the acclaimed Planet Hulk storyline. The Hulk crashed there and slowly took over the place. We are set to see more of Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), where it will probably tie closer to the comics.

Yondu kills them all anyways.

Gunn had apparently wanted the comic book alien race the Badoon, but Marvel didn’t hold the rights. They first appeared in the Silver Surfer comic, so it probably means they fall into the Fantastic Four world, and is owned by Fox.

They land on Xandar. This is no longer a studio, but the crash site is on Tilsey Farm. It’s on Horsham Road, Bramley, new Guilford.


Yondu kills them all anyways.Nebula rebuilds herself. And she fights Gamora. The Kree attack the people on Xandar.

The scene on the bridge is possibly a real set with a different sky – the Millennium Bridge in the heart of London.

On the bridge are a Krylorian mother and daughter. They are played by Rachel Cullen (mother) and the daughter’s role was split between twins Isabella and Imogen Poyton.

The Guardians fight Korath and other Kree. The Ravagers shoot down the Necrocraft.

Drax kills Korath. Groot also kills a lot of dudes.

Ronan uses the Infinity Stone.

Garthan Saal and a lot of other Nova Corps are killed.


Nebula escapes.

The Guardians enter and shoot Ronan with a thing. It does nothing.

Rocket crashes the party.

Groot creates a shell to protect his friends. No, YOU’RE crying.

And they crash.

Groot is killed. OR IS HE?


We hear some music as we see the aftermath of the crash. It’s O-O-H Child, by The Five Stairsteps. Released on their 1970 album Stairsteps. It got to number 8 in the US charts.

Ronan has survived. He calls them Guardians Of the Galaxy. Pretty awkward title drop.

Quill then distracts Ronan with some dancing.

Drax shoots Ronan’s weapon, dislodging the stone.

Quill manages to grab it. Apparently sacrificing himself.

He sees his mum. No YOU’RE still crying.

Gamora, Drax and Rocket all help to diffuse that Infinity energy. Or something.

Really clunky title drop again.

We assume Ronan is killed.


Quill hands an orb over to Yondu. Quill has switched orbs. Of course.

Yondu and Kraglin make mention of Quill’s dad. Something for the sequel.

Rocket takes a piece of Groot. He gets patted by Drax.

Nova reveals to Quill that he’s only half human. Again, see the sequel.

Dey has gotten a promotion.

The Nova Corps have recreated the Milano.

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