Guardians Of the Galaxy (2014) – Complete Annotations


Inside the Milano, Quill finally opens his present. It is his mum who calls him Star-Lord. And a tape.

No YOU’RE still, still crying.

The song we hear is Ain’t No Mountain High Enough performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. It was taken from their album United, released in 1976. It was a top twenty hit, and later artists like Diana Ross would have more success with it.

Yondu finds the Troll doll. He smiles.

The Nova Corps protect the infinity stone.

Dey goes home. And we see his family were the Krylorians that rocket saved earlier.

And then our heroes on the Milano. Groot wakes up.

As they set off, the music is I Want You Back by the Jackson Five. Released in 1969, it was a number 1 hit in the US. It’s taken from the album Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5. You may have heard of their lead singer, Michael.

Then the text, telling us The Guardians will return.

We then go straight into this kind of Mid credits scene

Drax on the Milano. Behind him, Groot, or as he will come to be known, Baby Groot.

He starts dancing. The dancing was motion capture of director James Gunn.

Post credits scene.

The Collector is in the remains of his museum.

Cosmo comes up to comfort him.

And we see Howard The Duck. He’s voiced by Seth Green.

Howard The Duck is one of the more curious creations in the Marvel universe. He was a duck who could walk and talk, and like Rocket Racoon, probably just looked great on a newsstand. But the comics were pretty good, and it really felt more like an indie comic set in the Marvel universe. Howard really shot to fame with a film in 1986, that has become a cult classic. His journey would continue into Leonard The Duck, one of the greatest, most bizarre episodes in all of comic book history. Go google it.

And a bit of a shout out to Howard The Duck creators Steve Gerber and Val Mayerick. Which is great. He first appeared, unnamed, in Adventure into Fear #19 (December 1973), but became a character the next month in Man-Thing #1 (January 1974).

Seth Green is best known for his work in the Austin Powers films and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and being one of the heads of Adult Swim.

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