Thor (2011) – Complete Annotations


Loki returns and faces Heimdall.

Heimdall and Loki in Thor (2011)
Heimdall and Loki in Thor (2011)

Back with Jane, in her campervan. Erik and Thor return.

They go for a chat by a fire. The music we hear is Science And Magic.

That tree is spelt Yggdrasil, and yes, it’s part of Norse mythology.

They also discuss the Hubble Space Telescope. The power telescope has been in Earth orbit for twenty years, revealing the stars to us.


Thor lists realms – Midgard (Earth), Vanaheim, Jotunheim and Asgard.

The Warriors Three and Sif make plans to find Thor. It leads to a summons by Heimdall.

Loki watches as the Bifrost is activated. And Sif and the Warriors Three arrive on Earth.

SHIELD are alerted to the disturbance and Coulson sets off…in an Acura ZDX.

There’s an extended version of this scene, with more of the Warriors Three.

Thor, Jane and friends are oblivious, as Loki summons The Destroyer.

SHIELD agents watch the Warriors Three and Sif, and make some pop culture references.

Xena Warrior Princess was a TV show about, well, a warrior princess, and she was dressed not unlike Sif.

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong Martial Arts superstar on the big screen.

Fandral is called Robin Hood. Yes, the folk legend, but Fandral was actually based on the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood.

They are reunited with Thor, and he discovers Loki‘s lies.


On Asgard, Heimdall is confronted by Loki. Loki over powers him.

Coulson, Sitwell and SHIELD are at the arrival site of the Asgardians, as the whole town see a disturbance in the sky.

The Destroyer arrives on Earth.

Sitwell asks if it’s a creation of Tony Stark‘s, aka Iron Man, the guy who usually creates awesome armours in the MCU.

The Destroyer attacks the SHIELD agents than attacks the town.

The music here is called The Destroyer.

He blows up the 7-Eleven.

Sif and Warriors Three fight back, but the town is pretty much destroyed.

There was an extended version of this scene, with more evacuating.


Thor offers to sacrifice himself to save his friends. The Destroyer knocks him out but doesn’t kill him.

The music here is called Forgive Me.

Odin, who banished Thor in the first place, sheds a single tear, possibly out of regret for all this happening due to his direct actions or his poor parenting.

Turns out, Thor is now worthy. Mjolnir comes to life.

It reaches Thor with a massive bolt of lightning. And the power of Thor is back.

Thor (2011)
Thor (2011)

He makes quick work of The Destroyer.

The music here is called Thor Kills the Destroyer.

There was a version where Erik Selvig was injured, but it was cut.


SHIELD arrives. Thor calls Coulson ‘Son of Coul’. It’s a play on Asgardian naming traditions. Thor’s last name is Odinson.

Thor takes Jane flying.

Loki lets in the Frost Giants, led by Laufey.

They wait for Heimdall, who fights Frost Giants to open the Bifrost.

Thor and Jane kiss, and the Asgardians are off.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.14.20 PM
Thor and Jane in Thor (2011)

Frost Giants enters Odin’s chambers. Frigga defends him but is knocked down.

Twist! Loki kills Laufey.

He almost wins but Thor returns. And with that, the two brothers finally fight.

The music here is called Brothers Fight.


Their fight takes them to the Bifrost. Loki’s weapon is engulfing Jotunheim and Earth.

Loki and Thor in Thor (2011)
Loki and Thor in Thor (2011)

After a gruesome battle, Thor pins Loki with his hammer.

To save Jotunheim, home of his former enemy, Thor sacrifices his ability to travel to Earth.

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