Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Complete Annotations


The line about the leg on the bed. Apparently this was real stage direction from Robert Downey Jr.

Back at the Avengers compound, Hawkeye arrives. He’s played by Jeremy Renner.

Jeremy Renner in Captain America: Civil War (2016)

This is Renner’s 4th time in the MCU. We last saw him (retiring) in Avengers Age Of Ultron (2015).

There was supposed to be more Hawkeye, including having him join the film earlier, being security for the Winter Soldier. The two would have had a conversation about brainwashing.

Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye fight The Vision. Notice that Scarlett Witch attacks Vision in the gem.


Black Widow finds Black Panther. Although she is first confronted by a member of Black Panther’s security team. Her name is Ayo and she’s played by Florence Kasumba.

Florence Kasumba in Captain America: Civil War (2016).

Sharon delivers Cap and friends their gear. Location unknown.

Cap’s car is an excellent Volkswagen Beetle.

Sharon’s is an Audi A4 B9. Audi were a sponsor.

Cap and Sharon kiss.

Then they meet up with Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch and the other recruit. It’s Ant-Man, played by Paul Rudd.

This is Rudd’s 2nd appearance in the MCU. We last saw him in Ant-Man (2015). Rudd was allowed to improvise and add his comedic talent to his performance. He told Adventures By Daddy:

We would play around with lines and we would suggest things. Sometimes, we would come up with things after the fact. One of the great things about having a character with a mask is that if you think of a great joke afterwards, you can add it later.

This location is AT&T Building Parking Garage. 759 West Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA

Falcon calls Scott Tic Tac, after the very small candy.

There is an announcement overhead. Bucky, who knows multiple languages, translates.

Then Cap walks into Leipzig/Halle airport, Germany.

He is greeted by Iron Man and War Machine. Then Black Widow.

Iron Man’s armour is still the Mark 45, which we last saw in Avengers Age Of Ultron 2015.

Stark says it has been 24 hours since he spoke to Ross.

Spider-Man appears. Tony calls him underoos. They are kids underwear, usually cartoony.

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Note that Spider-Man’s costume is more tech than fabric, a move away from the comics.

All this seems conspicuously green screen. Strange for the usually top notch effects department.


Then everyone fights.

Some things to note during this long fight sequence. Black Panther’s claws can damage Cap’s shield. War Machine’s baton is new and not from the comics.

Vision arrives and everyone faces off once more.


The nice moment with Cap and Spidey, where they share where they are from.

Ant-Man riding on one of Hawkeye’s arrow is an iconic comic book moment. It was used as the cover of Avengers #223 (September, 1982).

Iron Man still has FRIDAY, his AI. She is voiced by Kerry Condon.

This is Condon’s second time voicing FRIDAY in the MCU. She was last heard in Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015).

Then the big distraction. Scott goes large!

Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016)

He’s not directly called Giant Man, but Hank Pym was Giant Man for many years, inverting his shrinking powers.


Spider-Man mentions that old movie – The Empire Strikes Back. You know it, it was the second Star Wars film, which was also owned by Disney.

Cap and Winter Soldier escape in the quinjet.

And War Machine is shot down.


Zemo is in Russia. Location unknown.

Then back in Zemo’s hotel room again. A body is found. We later discover it is Dr Broussard.

The quinjet flies into Siberia. Cap and Bucky have s moment.

Then Rhodey in an MRI machine. We assume a set. Stark questions how Vision could even make a mistake.

Then with Black Widow. We are at the Avengers facility and the Porsche Experience Center. Black Widow goes on the run.

Stark discovers the psychiatrist was killed. Dr Theo Broussard. He’s played by Joe Russo, co-director of this film.

Broussard’s name is a nod to Marvel Studios producer Stephen Broussard.

There was to be a scene where Zemo meets Broussard. Filmed, it was not included in the final film.

We learn a little more of Zemo’s background.


Zemo arrives in Siberia. We are back in Iceland, in terms of filming. He finds the soldiers.

Tony arrives at The Raft. The Raft is a more recent addition to the Marvel comics. A SHIELD prison near New York, it first appeared in Alias #26 (November 2003).

Scarlett Witch is in her cell. She is tied up. Meaning she has to use her hands to use her powers?

Scott mentions Hank Pym. Has Hank met Tony? Anyway, he’s from Ant-Man (2015).

Sam mentions Mark Fuhrman, a real, racist detective who investigated the case of OJ Simpson.


Iron Man heads off. Despite how he puts it on, it is still the Mark 45. He is followed by The Black Panther.

Cap and Bucky arrive at Siberia. We assume inside is a set.

Iron Man arrives. He calls Bucky the Manchurian Candidate. The (excellent) 1962 film of the same name featured a brainwashed soldier.

They head in and discover the soldiers are dead.

Zemo mentions the UR-100 rockets. Real things.


Zemo says he’s thought of nothing else for over a year. Making it over a year since Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015).

And we see that 16th December 1991 footage once again. Howard and Maris Stark are killed.

Did Cap know? Seems like a good question. As he says he didn’t know it was Bucky, we assume he found out the Starks were killed by Hydra, and they likely used Bucky to do it.

And they fight.


Iron Man blasts off Bucky’s arm.

Cap uses his shield against a repulsor blast. This scene is taken directly from the Civil War comic book, the cover for issue #7 (January 2007).

Black Panther captures Zemo, and stops him from killing himself.


Cap uses his line, “I could do this all day.” I line he used in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).

Cap drops the shield as he leaves.

Zemo is captured. He talks to Ross.

Stark in a car. It’s an Audi R8.

He’s back at Avengers HQ.

A delivery for Tony Stank. The delivery man is Stan Lee, in his usual cameo.

Stan Lee in Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Tony gets Cap’s note. And a flipphone

Meanwhile, Cap rescues his team.

The final shot of Captain America: Civil War (2016)

And credits.

Mid credits scene

Bucky goes into stasis. Cap is with him. Turns out they both with T’challa and in Wakanda. We assume this is a set.

Bucky goes under.

The waterfall outdoors is a plate of Iguazú Falls in Misiones, Argentina.

Post credits scene.

Peter with May.

He plays with a spotlight watch. It is something he had in the comics, but it was from his belt. It was called the Spider Signal.

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