The Avengers (2012) – Complete Annotations


Black Widow goes after the portal.

Pretty great, completely stitched together single shot here.

One of the massive creatures crashes into what looks like New York’s Grand Central Station.

 Cap fights on the street level, and then into a bank. The bank is Ameritrust Building in Cleveland. 2003 East 9th Street.

 There was a deleted scene, probably just before the bank, where Cap saves a family.

The Council tells fury they are sending in a bomb.

Loki chases Black Widow. Hawkeye takes him out.

Then the Hulk gets his hands on Loki. Wonderful moment.


Selvig has recovered some of his senses. They need Loki’s sceptre.

Iron Man mentions Jonah, from the bible. He spent a little time inside a whale.

Iron Man lands after taking out a Leviathans. He is attacked by some Chitauri outside a Shawarma place.

Hawkeye is out of arrows.

Jets sets off with a bomb for Manhattan. Fury bazookas only one down.

 Thor and Cap fight side by side. They are outside the Rose Building, 2060 East 9th Street, Cleveland.

 Stark gets the bomb. The music here is called One Way Trip.

He tries to call Pepper, but after two films, he should know that she loses her ability to move at all once the final fight begins.


Stark takes the bomb into outer space. He manages to blow up the Chitauri ship.

All the Chitauri on earth just keel over and die for no reason. Whedon has admitted this was extremely weak writing on his part.

Iron Man returns from space. The Hulk saves him.

Then Stark’s Shawarma line. RDJ was unhappy with the original line (reportedly just a “what’s next?”) and Whedon wrote several variations, including the kiss line. We would love to see what else was in Whedon’s notebook that day.

And they capture Loki. Such a big hero shot.

The Avengers in The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers in The Avengers (2012)

 Then a big shot over New York’s Central Park.

 We see the news from MSNBC, a real station.

The presenter is Thomas Roberts.

Along these various screens, Stan Lee gets his cameo.

Stan Lee in The Avengers (2012)
Stan Lee in The Avengers (2012)

A senator, named Boynton, also talks. He is played by James Eckhouse.


We then see The Avengers at Bethesda Terrace, in New York’s Central Park.

We get one more glimpse of Beth the Waitress, saying thank you.

Also on the screen when she talks is a reference to A113. This is a popular Pixar easter egg – a company that Whedon has worked for. This film was also part of the Disney family, like Pixar.

Thor and Loki zap away.

Stark drives an Acura NSX Roadster Concept. The number plate is Stark 33. You’ll probably have noticed all the Acura’s by now, meaning they no doubt sponsored the film.

Black Widow has an Acura TL.

Cap drives off in a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim.

On the carrier, Hill asks Fury about the future. As she walks away, we see the entire Helicarrier bridge. It is made to look like the SHIELD logo.

We leave Stark and Pepper making plans to rebuild Stark Tower, which becomes the Avengers Tower.

The final shot in The Avengers (2012)
The final shot in The Avengers (2012)

Then credits.

Mid credits scene

We are in outer space. The Other is giving his weekly report to his direct manager.

His direct manager? It’s Thanos, the Mad Titan.

We will get into his complicated story later. But that line about death ties into his character in the comics – he is in love with Death.

Post credits scene

The Avengers enjoy some Shawarma.

The location is Elat Burger, 9340 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. It was shot well after the rest of the film wrapped. In fact, it was shot after the film had it’s premiere!

Note Chris Evans is trying to hide the beard he grew for Snowpiercer.

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