Thor: The Dark World (2013) – Complete Annotations


Then the ship has stopped. For some reason the fighting outside, and in the prison section, has all stopped.

Dark Elves fight. And man, they have cool bomb things. And they brutally take out a squad of Asgardians.

Malekith appears. He destroys the throne. Because he knows he’s in a film.

Odin appears. He kills one Elf. By surprise.

Malekith faces Frigga (and Jane). Frigga becomes a bad ass.

Jane is just an illusion. Which begs the question – how does Malekith know Jane has the Aether? You imagine up that point that he can sense the power in her somehow. But that makes no sense if she’s not there.

Anyway. Frigga is killed. Stirring music to try and make us feel something.

Jane, who was unprotected for a little while, somehow intuits that the battle is over and is freely walking around in her own.

Frigga’ funeral. Her body has been sent out to sea and burnt. It’s reminiscent of Viking tradition. I mean, without the floating orbs.


We see Loki, and then we’re back in London.

Selvig and this blackboard. There are some Easter eggs to be found here.

Selvig’s blackboard in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

There’s mention of the 616 Universe. There are lots of alternative realities in the Marvel comics. The 616 universe is the main Marvel universe.

The Crossroads. An alternate dimension in the Marvel universe, it’s actually a place where several realities converge. The Hulk spent some time there.

The Fault. A rip in space created by the Inhuman Black Bolt, and the setting for various cosmic Marvel stories.

Kyle + Yost = X. This refers to Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, regular collaborators and comic book writers for many X-Men titles. Yost is also a co-screenwriter for this film.

Simonson’s Theory Of Relativity. A reference to Walt Simonson, the writer and artist behind one of the most acclaimed Thor runs in the comics. Simonson had a cameo in Thor (2011).

There’s other science on the board – Schrödinger’s Cat for example.

In a twist, it turns out that Malekith is being commanded by someone else.

Back on Asgard, Jane has a random Aether vision. Fandral runs through the damage. The shields won’t come back up. Heimdall is useless.


Odin, as usual, is super understanding and super open to new ideas.

Back on earth. Darcy and Ian, in Jane’s apartment maybe? Location unknown, and a set if we had to guess.

Another ITV reporter. It’s real life ITV reporter Steve Scott.

We saw this report earlier in the day. We cut away to it. Remember? But hey, show it again.

Thor eats. Heimdall interrupts. I’m surprised he noticed Thor was there.

Thor then explains the third act. Interesting, Thor confirms that Malekith can sense Aether power. He just can’t tell holograms.

Then Thor recruits Loki. This scene is pretty great actually.


Thor and Loki team up. They walk and talk and Loki turns into Heimdall.

Then Captain America! Kinda! Played by Chris Evans.

Chris Evans as Captain America in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

This is Evans’ 3rd appearance in the MCU as Captain America. He last appeared in The Avengers (2012).

It is, of course, not really a Cap appearance. Interestingly, they shot Tom Hiddleston pretending to be Cap, and then Evans did an impersonation of that performance. Cool, huh?

A deleted scene here features Thor fighting off Asgardian guards to escape.

Sif frees Jane.

Heimdall. He draws Odin. Not sure why. Could have done that anywhere?

Thor, Loki and Jane travel by ship. Vokstagg battles a bunch of Asgardians.

Thor, once again incompetent, just manages to get the ship up and running. Some CGI destruction and we’re off.

Jane faints. Because.

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