Thor: The Dark World (2013) – Complete Annotations


Fandral stops the last ship. Lucky, otherwise he would have no way home!

Malekith senses the Aether. Thor and Loki argue.


Back in London. Darcy and Ian try to free Selvig. The building is Blythe House, 23 Blythe Road in West Kensington W14.

The warden played by Thomas Arnold. The British actor appeared in films such as Made In Dagenham and The Riot Club.

Selvig says he had a god in his brain. This was Loki, referring to events in The Avengers (2012). Hawkeye seems ok, though?

Hugely treated by CGI, but the bleak landscape of Svartalfheim is actually in Iceland. It’s around Landmannalauger, near the volcano Hekla.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Malekith, the Kurse and bunch of Dark Elves approach, as Loki appears to betray Thor.


Malekith removes the Aether from Jane. Does he have telekinetic powers now?

Thor‘s plan to destroy the Aether doesn’t work. Malekith gets it anyway.

Loki sacrifices himself to save Jane, but is saved by Thor.

Thor and Loki fight some Elves.

Loki takes down the Kurse. But he is wounded himself. Loki appears to die.


Thor and Jane take to a cave, to celebrate a job well done.

Jane says she sensed that Malekith would go to earth. Asking why, Thor says it’s because of the Convergence. THAT IS NOT AN ANSWER.

Jane curses herself for finding the Aether. Which she didn’t do. It could have been one of those kids. It was bad screenwriting.

Then Jane gets a call from Richard. Another nice bit of coincidence to get a cheap laugh over making sense.

Richard is in his office. Could be anywhere.

Then by startling coincidence, they are in the right cave. The exact spot they needed to be in.

And they are back at the Old Vinyl Factory.

They drive out to Southwark Street from O’Meara street, near London Bridge, nowhere near the Old Vinyl Factory.

Then at Jane’s apartment. The group is all reunited.

Lovely moment when Thor hangs Mjolnir on a hook. This was an improv by Hemsworth.

An Asgardian comes back to life and reports back Loki‘s death to Odin. It would have been slightly clearer if we saw why Loki survived and him transforming explicitly. But why explain anything.


Selvig deduces that Greenwich is the heart of the convergence. By unscientific guesswork.

Now that we know the exact scale of the threat, it would be a good time to call the Avengers?

Off to Greenwich, east of London. In particular the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich, on King William Walk, SE10 9NN.

A dark elf ship appears. They didn’t really give enough thought to the landing mechanism.

Thor arrives. Sure, Darcy and Ian had already been there, doing something science. So where was Thor? In the toilet? Didn’t feel like stopping that ship a bit earlier? Anyway, we get our hero shot.

Thor in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Malekith attacks Thor with Aether spikes.

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