Thor: The Dark World (2013) – Complete Annotations


The convergence causes chaos to the fight. Really, there’s no logic. Looks cool though.

Thor loses his hammer because the plot said so.

Malekith and Thor reappear in London, and crash into the distinctive building known affectionately as The Gherkin, At 30 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8EP

Mjolnir comes flying north up Surrey Street, north from the Thames. It’s near Temple, and not near the Gherkin.
Fighter jets enter Vanaheim, where Hogun was taking a break.

Dark Elves chase Erik and Jane. Malekith and Thor unleash a random beast into London.

Darcy and Ian are attacked. Ian picks up a Mini Cooper to smash Dark Elves. How did he do that? It has something to do with the floating trucks earlier, maybe? If you’ve not turned your brain off by now, you must be hating life.

Darcy and Ian are reunited with Jane and Erik. The portal seems to have enveloped then instead of going through it. IT CAN DO THAT.

Thor emerges at Charing Cross tube station.

The woman gives him terrible directions. She is played by Annabel Norbury.

The directions – three stops – is totally incorrect. Thor would be best to go two stops to Waterloo and then change to the Jubilee line to get close. Really, he’d need to switch to the trains or the DLR.

Worth noting that the filmmakers covered up which platform and train line in Charing Cross station. So why not just change the station to say London Bridge, which is very London sounding and the gag would then work.

Big portals appear in the sky, each showing realms from the 9 realms. I mean, there’s like four.

  • One with modern buildings look likes Asgard.
  • A rural/forest world is likely Hogun’s home – Vanaheim.
  • There is one that is an ocean.
  • One that is volcanic.

It’s not a blue light, but here’s some crazy energy pointing to the sky.


Thor catches up with Erik and Jane. There’s a London Underground sign but there’s no actual tube stop anywhere near the Old Royal Naval College.

Thor breaks into that Aether energy. Malekith has his back turned. Thor gives away any element of surprise by yelling out his name.

Thor uses Selvig’s mystery spike things to remove part of Malekith’s body. After hitting him with a hammer, Malekith is destroyed.

The ship crashes almost onto Jane and Thor. They are saved by complete random chance.

Back at Jane’s. We see a bit of an apartment skyline but it’s tough to know where this is.

Thor has just left. No goodbye or anything. Darcy says Thor was gone for two years the first time around – since the last Thor film.

Back on Asgard. Thor tells Odin he doesn’t want to be like him. Twist. Turns out it’s Loki. Rewatch the scene and see if it makes any sense at all if Loki, as Odin, would say any of those things.

Then credits.

Mid credits scene.

This scene was directed by James Gunn.

A pink skinned alien leads her guests. She’s unnamed here, played by Ophelia Lovibond. She will later be given a name – Carina.

Ophelia Lovibond as Carina in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Lovibond is great. We particular liked her in the TV series Mr Sloane and her part in Man Up.

Carina is the name of The Collector‘s daughter in the comics. But her name seems to be the only connection to the comic book version. She also looks very different to her comic book counterpart.

Her guest are Sif and Volstagg.

They are at the museum of The Collector. Although we will learn that the Collector has more than one. This is a set.

They pass through the collection. One looks like the cocoon for the cosmic hero Adam Warlock. Warlock plays a huge role in the Infinity Gauntlet stories in the comics.

Next to the cocoon is a Rainer. We’ll see more of them in Guardians Of the Galaxy (2013).

Here’s Taneleer Tivan, aka The Collector. He’s played by Benicio del Toro.

Benicio del Toro as The Collector in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The Collector has been a key player in the cosmic end of the Marvel universe. As his name suggests, he collects things – including the occasional hero or villain. He has battled the Avengers many times, as well as most of the Marvel universe.

He first appeared in Avengers #28 (May 1966) and was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Del Toro broke out in a major way in The Usual Suspects and has been winning awards for difficult roles ever since. He was recently brilliant in Sicario.

Sif and Volstagg give The Collector the Aether.

Post credits scene.

Jane is at her apartment. Ian and Darcy are also there.

There’s some bifrost energy.

Thor appears on the roof. They kiss.

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

And they’ve let a creature run loose. It’s at the Old Vinyl Factory

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